Our most asked questions

How does your service work?

évoilà5 plans 5 dinner meals per week and provides you with the fresh ingredients and detailed recipes for each meal which you then prepare at home. Recipes are full meals, simple to make and take approximately 30 minutes or less to prepare.

In your order, each recipe, with its ingredients, is provided in bags lettered A-E in which recipe A should start off your 5 days of meals ensuring the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Some ingredients can be frozen if you wish to prepare and cook them a different week.

Although the recipe ingredients are provided to you, there are standard pantry essentials that we expect you to have at home that won’t be provided in your meal kits such as olive oil, salt and eggs – these are the same each week and don’t change.

Are the dishes already prepared or do we have to cook them?

Your meal kits will include fresh ingredients and detailed recipes for each meal which you then have to prepare and cook. (ex. cutting vegetables and cooking).

Is it possible to change the protein?

Yes, you can change proteins. You can call your boutique directly or if ordering online write in the Special Requests box that you don’t want a certain protein (ie. Shrimp, red meat) and we will replace the protein without modifying the rest of the recipe. Once your online order is submitted we’ll give you a call to discuss the protein options.

Is it possible to change a meal if I don't like what's on the menu for that day?

Yes, it is possible to modify our menus. You have a few options:

  • You can double one meal to replace another. For example: having 2x meal B, but no meal A.
  • Also, it is possible to keep the same meals, but to change the protein. For example: we could change the fish for chicken.
  • In addition, every week we have an alternative vegetarian meal. You can change a meal of your choice by this one. The alternative meal is indicated in the Customer Area when you order online.

All of these changes can be made through the drop-down menu when ordering online or by entering them in the comments section or by simply calling your local boutique.

Is it possible to order less than 5 meals?

Our meal service offers a 5 or 3 meal package with the option to choose either 2-3 or 4-5 portions for each of the 5 meals.

Many people freeze their meats (since they are fresh) and spread it out over 2 weeks!

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions:

We do our very best to accommodate dietary restrictions however, we cannot guarantee that traces of allergens are 100% not present.

Soy/Dairy/Gluten Allergies
You call your local boutique to discuss your options or if ordering online you can add notes in the Special Requests box. Once your online order is submitted we’ll give you a call to discuss options. Lactose and gluten free options are not available with the 3 meal plan.

Peanut/Nut Free
Our recipes may sometimes contain nuts or soy (never peanuts) which are individually wrapped. However, we cannot guarantee that kits will be peanut free, despite the precautions we take. Many of our customers have nut / peanut allergies in which we simply remove them from the order. Just let us know in the Special Requests area when placing an order online and we will be happy to accommodate you or call your local boutique.

Do you offer delivery?

No, we do not offer delivery. Meals are picked up at your nearest boutique at which you have placed your order: The pick-up days are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

We always have at least one vegetarian meal on the menu plus the alternative meal which is vegetarian as well. If you eat fish you have 2 proteins left to change. If you don’t eat fish, we can change your 3 proteins with vegetable proteins such as tofu, legumes or tempeh. Simply make the request in the Special Request box when ordering or call your local boutique.

Can I order only for 1 person?

We have many customers who are single or two people that enjoy our service! The smallest portion is 2-3 portions but many people freeze their meats (since they are fresh) and spread it out over 2 weeks!

Do you have to subscribe for a certain amount of weeks?

There is no commitment required which means you can order week to week and change the number of portions each week.

Do you offer Gift Cards? How can I send a gift card to someone?

Yes we do offer gift cards in the amount you want. You can contact your store directly or call us here at the head office to send the gift certificate directly to the desired person.

Do you offer nutritional info? Is it possible to have the # of carbs in the meals?

We do not provide the nutritional values ​​because we believe in the pleasure of eating well – food as little processed as possible, cooked at home. The pleasure of eating well and sharing a meal with those you love without starting to calculate. This is our philosophy.