Our Story

7 years back, with a young family, co-founders Yiannis Ntaginis and his wife Josée Corbeil were challenged with regularly having to plan and prep healthy meals amidst their busy schedules. While the couple shared a mutual belief in cooking homemade meals and using quality local ingredients, making meal preparation efficient was an obstacle. What led them to develop a service that brings locally sourced ready-to-cook meals right to your neighbourhood was their realization that many other people were also dealing with the same daily struggle.

With Yiannis’ business expertise and both their commitment to supporting local food producers, the couple founded évoilà5 with a simple goal – to help provide people like themselves a real solution for saving time with meal planning and everyday dinner prep without sacrificing quality and taste.

What has set them apart from day one, is their focus on providing a premium experience and top-notch customer service. Each évoilà5 boutique serves its community in a uniquely personal way all while providing amazing meals at an affordable price.

Yiannis Ntaginis

Yiannis Ntaginis

Co-Founder / Chef

Originally from Greece, Yiannis was raised in a family of culinary experts and followed a daily diet of fresh, whole foods. He is an accomplished businessman having worked in the food, customer and home services sectors including an international background in opening businesses and franchises. His life-long passion for eating well, combined with his business background played an integral role in making évoilà5 a real-life solution for the challenges families encounter eating healthy at home. Yiannis has always been a strong supporter of local business and has a long history of being charitably active in the community.

Josée Corbeil

Josée Corbeil


As an Olympian Josée knows the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy eating. As a seasoned volleyball television commentator, motivational speaker and a mom of two daughters, she needed an efficient way to get healthy, home cooked meals on the table. Launching évoilà5, Josée knew she had not only found a solution for her family, but also for many others. Josée continues to be involved in supporting various sport foundations, charities and her local communities.

The Concept

Providing five ready-to-cook, nutritionist approved meals each week means you can do away with your grocery lists. Your secret ingredient to inspiring deliciously quick and easy homemade meals is évoilà5! Share in the meal making fun with the whole family and reward yourselves with the joy of home cooking.

évoilà5 plans your meals then let’s you do the cooking in approximately 30 minutes or less. With its five generously portioned meals, containing fresh ingredients along with an easy-to-follow recipe, you’ve got all you need to put your meal together. No planning, no waste, no stress! Arrange pick up at your neighbourhood boutique and you’ll be cooking a high-quality homemade meal in no time.

Save a trip to the grocer and add fresh produce to your weekly order!


évoilà5 eliminates meal planning and grocery shopping, maximizes meal preparation and encourages healthy eating habits. Thanks to the efficient évoilà5 ready-to-cook meal service, more busy couples and families are enjoying healthy well-balanced meals, made from fresh local ingredients. The three unique pillars of the évoilà5 service are:

1. Pick-up NOT Delivery

évoilà5 believes that being local is the best way of delivering customers the finest quality ingredients. Being local also means customers get the freshest ingredients with the highest degree of quality control. Customers can pick-up their weekly meal kit on a prescheduled day and time that fits their personal schedule.

2. Culinary Concierge Service

As your personal culinary concierge, évoilà5 is unlike other meal kit services that all but eliminate the human experience. Each évoilà5 boutique is run by a community member who loves to help and meet your needs. For questions, dietary concerns, scheduling or any other inquires, we are always there for you.

3. 5 Well-Balanced Meals

évoilà5 is about sharing and inspiring new culinary experiences that elevate home cooking. With five uncomplicated meals offering a fresh cooking approach every time, évoilà5 makes getting out of your comfort zone uncomplicated.

Locally Owned, Redefined

évoilà5 Boutiques are owned and operated by individuals living right in your neighbourhood and are actively immersed in the community. As business owners with families of their own, they understand how busy everyone’s life has become and like every good neighbour, they are always happy to help!

Commitment to the environment

At évoilà5 we are happy to have one of the smallest environmental footprints in the meal kit industry, however we are always striving to do more. Our innovative reusable insulated bags and our refillable bottles are just some of the ways we have led the way with more sustainable packaging. With a steady focus on reducing waste and minimizing the use of plastic packaging we are always reviewing industry innovations that can help better our environmental impact. Our local pickup model also helps to reduce our carbon footprint with many of our customers choosing to pick up enroute minimizing travel time.